Eml2Html 2.0

Is a program to restore/convert script back to html from eml and nws files
2.0.0003 (See all)
Cato Saelid

Old versions

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Eml2html version have a new look and can now batch extract eml and nws files from dbx files, and extract and restore files back to html, extract sound and eot files embed or online.
Listener that listen for messages in your file system and load them into a list where the easy can be converted back to html. (works only with Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail)

List and search in Windows index for eml and nws messages, where you easy extract and restore eml and nws files back to html. (works only with Windows Live and Windows Mail.

Extract from folders as before but now with preview so you can view at the message.

Extract from Outlook Express personal folders are not changed.

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